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“Letters to the Air: Transits,” which is a revised version of “Sun Trine Chiron,” is forthcoming in the 2011 edition of the Oracle Fine Arts Review.  “Letters to the Air: Decades” will appear in the same volume, which is scheduled for an April print date.


ETA: I’ve taken the poem down, as it’s forthcoming in the 2011 volume of the Oracle Fine Arts Review.

This is a revised version of this which I’ve just sent out for publication. This’ll be the first year I’ve published anything in years, not at all surprising since I haven’t sent anything out in years.  Now that I’m about to go crazy again, from all signs, I’m sort of making some kind of gesture by sending work out again. I’m not sure what that gesture is, entirely.  It might be defiance, or it might be desperation.  But my first response was an acceptance so I keep trying to tell myself that means this shit is still worth doing, to at least one other person on the planet. (and presumably that one other person, being an editor, has the tastes of at least a few other people in mind).

Will being read keep me from going crazy?  Guess not. Nothing has so far prevented that, not yet anyway.  People liking to read this stuff doesn’t make it much better to live through, all things considered.  But there’s something about it that keeps me honest. Or a little more honest than I might otherwise be.

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Letters to the Air: What I Want From You


I want out of your narrative, out of the impossible, overbearing shadow of a Me I never was, a shadow you’ve tried to build a body for, all backwards in your bead-stringing, starting with a shattered mirror to fill in a shape you never saw whole.  When you pick up these pieces of me, they cut.  You think you know why, but you’re wrong.  I cannot live created in your image.  I want you to let me go.  That’s the only way I might ever be able to come back.  I am not your character, and I am not writing your story.

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