If your pdoc keeps throwing SSRIs at your inability to sleep less than 12 hours a day, find the plot, feel vaguely human, or have any motivation, and the pills never do anything unless they make things worse with side effects, ask your GP to test for factors that might lead to oversleeping, generally living in a brain fog, feeling like everything has slowed way down, and feeling like somehow the sun just never comes out.

Hell, it might be a good idea to do that before you start SSRI Roulette.

Instead of playing more SSRI Roulette, I went to see the GP, and I should have done it a long time ago. It turns out I have low TSH and extremely low Vitamin D levels. I have a referral to an endocrinologist and it’s too soon to say what’s what, including what role my thyroid is playing in all this, but there’s a lot of correlation between Vit D deficiency and all kinds of freaky problems including oversleeping, depression, brain fog, low energy, severity of asthma, general aches and pains, etc.

More studies are needed to determine causality, but there’s some preliminary evidence that suggests that Vitamin D deficiency can fuck your shit up. Since it’s extremely hard to overdose on Vitamin D, and since it’s so hard to get through diet, upping your intake of Vitamin D probably can’t hurt anything for most people without contraindicated meds or medical conditions. That you should make sure your hormone and vitamin levels are in good shape before you assume depression probably ought to go without saying, but I have a history of depression, so several docs just assumed that was what was going on until I specifically made an appointment to ask the GP about bloodwork. And it took me about ten months of living in a fog, during which time I tried three different psych meds, to think of making that appointment.