Hearing that Doc was gone was a bit like hearing that a family member had died – maybe not an immediate family member, but maybe that uncle you loved so much as a kid and had lost touch with the last few years.  I sure did cry all the same.  It’s hard to explain how much of an influence he has been on more than one area of my life. The Washington Post story on his death has a quote from Doc that I really like:

“I sure wouldn’t have gone on the road with the guitar,” he once said [speaking about what he would have done had he not lost his sight in infancy]. “But a man’s got to do what he can do. When they let you in this world, they hand you a little box. It’s invisible, of course, and it’s got a few talents in it. And if somethin’ happens that you can’t lean on one, why you got two or three more you can get hold of.”

Here’s a youtube clip where Doc explains the St. James Hospital/Streets of Laredo connection, which I talk about a bit on my page for that song.