“There are wounds that do not heal with time. Instead they start hurting again given certain “weather conditions”. If this occurs, subconsciously we will withdraw into ourselves in interpersonal situations, or be oversensitive and react in a hurt manner without apparent reason – or we ourselves become particularly hurtful, without actually wanting to. However, if the weather is fair, as it is now, you have the opportunity to bring these painful things to light – preferably during a personal conversation with someone who is close to you. Looking into painful experiences in this way can make you freer in your behavior, your close relationships and your relation with your body. It can also prevent you from hurting others.”

— astro.com

Yeah, whatever.

Saw some very old family friends today, which was nice.  Had to leave much earlier than I would have liked due to transportation arrangements and family obligations.

I am not feeling the sunny weather.  What I’m feeling is probably as close to jealousy as I get, which is fucking odd, and which feels mostly like regret mixed up with self-accusation and a bit of emptiness.  What makes it jealousy, and not a usual in-my-cups phenomenon, I guess, is that I am sticking particular faces onto the feelings.

So, some vignettes.

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